Monday, November 1, 2010

SOAR bedside concert competition

Beginning at our Halloween concert on the ground at The Colour Factory on Friday we are running a free competition with the prize being your very own SOAR CONCERT! I have long threatened to do bedside concerts, erm, you know, for SOARINGS with colds and stuff, but anyways, Mari and RebelMum assure me that the winner is chosen completely randomly and that anyone could win - even Aeon, or Timo, or Moon, or Stephen, or Tim. Well this caused me a major rethink and now the competition prize is just a SOAR CONCERT FOR YOU, anywhere you choose!
Here’s how to enter. At the Halloween venue there will be a display of 24 SOAR SONG COVERS. You can vote for your favourite SOAR songs by just clicking on their covers. You can vote up to ten times a day, every day for the 2 weeks the competition runs. Once you vote you are in the draw for the free concert. YAY, SIMPLE aint it :)
We will try to play all of the 24 songs during our shows during the fortnight if you arent familiar with them all. The songs were just chosen randomly and we want to run the competition a few more times, with different songs if it is a success. AND, all 24 songs can be played on our media player for these two weeks.
Any questions just ask one of the SOAR boys or Mari or RebelMum. And thankyou RebelMum for working so hard on it for us :)
And finally, in the tradition of one of Australia’s major political parties, VOTE EARLY AND VOTE OFTEN.

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