Monday, November 1, 2010

Blog problems?

Hi folks :) A couple of people have mentioned problems adding comments to my blog entries. There shouldn’t be, but is. The common problem may be EXPLORER so perhaps if you are using that but you also have FIREFOX or sumfin you could try that.
If you have time let me know if you have this problem because i will move the blog if necessary.
This blog is designed on a Mac so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that it doesn’t work properly on EXPLORER. Anyone would think Bill Gates and Steve Jobs had history! Ahhh, look, they were so much younger then.
If you haven’t seen it a movie named PIRATES OF SILICON VALLEY will explain it all :)
Thanks for your comments and your perseverance sweet peoples.

Yups i moved it


  1. Eeeeps who is that in the photos????

  2. HA!!!! Well that be Bill Gates and Steve Jobs back when they just thought they were the smartest men in all the world.