Monday, November 22, 2010

cough splutter new song YAY

Cough, splutter, INDEED! 
As most of you know i'm having trouble shaking a cough. Oddly it gives me much more trouble when i'm talking and singing ballads so our shows lately have been primarily made up of more uptempo songs. The cough has also stopped progress on our brand-newest-song-of-all-time because my voice needs to be at its best to handle the chorus! YES :( BUT :) If i can get the link thing working in this blog, you will be able to hear the latest version of it and even compare it to the finished version when we debut it in our show. 
I hope you like it so far. Now it's not for me to tell you what the song is about, but here is a clue - there are patterns in our lives and they are a lot like the seasons, they bring renewal and certainty to things - so we probably shouldn't fight them, or lose heart that they have gone from our lives, and we should probably rely on them more :)
Ok im off to test this thing. YAY it works - just click on the heading of this blog entry :)


  1. Another beautiful song :)) Yay!! and a free download!!! whooo hooo Thank you hugs
    ps we kinda like your croaky voice :)

  2. hauntingly beautiful sounds amazing ttys


  3. I will try one more time to get Magic at the top, you inconsiderate voters keep destroying all my hard work