Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Colour Factory 2

POOF, POOF, POOF - comings and goings

It is one of the ways of SecondLife for things to come and things to go - people and places, amazing people and amazing places even. And amazingly even inventory items and Lindens follow this tradition - although with inventory items and Lindens, these never return.
The owner of the sims on which the Colour Factory lived had been in dispute with LL for some time and i have known that this could happen - and it did - the Colour Factory went POOF, not once, not twice, but three glorious times. This gave all of us the chance to reclaim everything we needed so nothing has been lost that we know of.
Scarletti and I began talking about what we would do if this happened awhile back and we decided then to build a new Colour Factory rather than simply rebuild the original, colour by colour. And i for one cant wait to see what wonders Scarletti comes up with this time.
The wonderful Cari put aside land for me to rent for this, and so we have only the fiddly bits to work out before we begin anew. Thank you Cari - hugs.
I loved the Colour Factory, what it meant to conceive and then build, and then to see the part it was slowly making for itself in the life of SOAR. And more than this it was the major gallery of Scarletti’s wonderful art, and finally, 24/7, one piece of the amazing place that is SecondLife. 
I embrace the way SecondLife makes me evolve and find new ways to express beauty and creativity, and i never want to become complacent and think that the places and people i love will always be there, frozen, just the way i want them to be.
I am looking forward to the Colour Factory 2 and i hope you are too :)


  1. Welcome back and I love this blog - it lets me say hi :))

  2. If anyone hears a rumor that it was me who was sneakin & peekin 'round the new CF.. an'slipped in the wet cement leavin' an imprint of my *** ... well, twasn't me. fer real
    ----> points to Bright and grins

  3. oh no pressure then:)