Monday, November 1, 2010


Well a SOARING just happens to be a very special person, albeit one with a spare GROUP slot in SecondLife :)
And we love you all for all the reasons you give us to write songs and sing them for you at our concerts. HUGZA.
A long time ago, February/March 2009, Experiment, Mariposa and Bright had written a song as a tribute song for the victims and survivors of the Australian Bushfires in February and it was played at a SL tribute/benefit concert. At that concert Charles also did an hours cover set. And well it got us thinking.
Once we had decided to play our songs in SecondLife we needed a name. I don’t remember how long we spent trying to find or agree upon one, but well, we didn’t know whether we would only ever play once in SL or a hundred times so i’m not sure we would have bothered too much. We were smart enough to ditch our old  real life personas though and look for something new. 
Eventually we must have tired of the search for a single glorious name for our little band and went for, well you know, Somerset, Oh and Rhode. AWESOME DUDES! Well it would do for one show wouldn’t it! Then one day when we were sitting around trying to come up with a GROUP name, what had started out as SO&R morphed into SOAR, and so SOAR was born. And from SOAR came The SOAR Pandemonium, and from the SOAR Pandemonium came SOARINGS, and from SOARINGS, our wonderful fans, came so many splendours of love and friendship and good times and funny times and loads of opportunities to get together, that we are all incredibly touched by and grateful for :)
Thanks you guys. You SOARINGS :)

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