Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Show - AWESOME DUDE

Erm, i wonder if anyone still actually speaks like that - but it was still an AWESOME SHOW, dude :)
Thank you everyone for packing out our special halloween location for our 90 minute show - made even more famous because i really didn’t talk that much :)  Oh, and, for the debut of two new songs, albeit from the SOAR vault, I CALLED YOU ON THE PHONE sung by Chuck, and me doing PALE BLUE PERSUASION. Reminds me to to do a bbbbbbblog entry one day on the SOAR VAULT. Will someone please remind me if it looks like i have forgotten.
Thank you for dressing up and taking the time to explore the wonderful setting made for the show by Mari and RebelMum. They excelled themselves again after their previous ‘awesome dude’ creations for the WATTLE SHOW and the BEACH PARTY. All i can say to you girls is, erm, well, i guess you saw this coming, only AWESOME, dudes, covers it!!!!
OK, now dont forget to wander back to the venue anytime during the next two weeks to vote in the song competition - ten votes a day everyday remember, and in 2 weeks time a SOAR SHOW may be all yours! WHEEEEEE. Well i think its WHEEEEEEE cos it will be great to do a special show just for you and/or anyone else you want to invite along.
I think i’m done except to say thank you to Charles and Experiment for always looking scary, and to you sweet peoples for your endearing and enduring friendship, BIG HUGS from Bbbbbbright.

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